Fun “n” Summer


As the school closes for a long summer break from 18.05.2019 TO 30.06.2019 which is the most enviable part of school life. It provides time for rest and leisure. Every child enjoys the holidays in laze around, eat, play visits and to revive the things. But duties must not be forgotten. So balance should be maintained between recreation and work. We have planned some activities and work to enhance his/her learning skill in a fun filled way. We have tried to make the work enjoyable. Help your child to do the work. All the holidays homework should be done as per instruction

  • All the given works will be done in the scrap book.
  • The practice work will be done in the separate copy.
  • Every work should be decorative.
  • At the end write the activity which you like most and why.
  • Students must ensure that the work should be done efficiently as the work will be marked and marks will be added in the result.
  • All children have to learn the work done in the class before holidays.
  • The school will reopen on 01.07.2019


  • Make a list of importance of gadget to students and effect of gadgets on students.
  • Prepare a  project on “Excessive use of Gadgets”.
  • Complete bravia holiday activity book.
  • Complete bravia grammar book.

a)  Passage -worksheet – (5 To 10).

b)  Writing – worksheet – (B To E).

c)  Story writing – worksheet – (36 To 45).

d)  article – worksheet – (30 To 35).

  • ch-1 determiners , ch-2 tense , ch -10 reported speech , ch -11 active and passive voice . Do all the exercise of above mentioned    



१. सात दिनों के हिंदी समाचार पत्रों को पढ़कर निम्नलिखित कार्य कीजिये |

क. अनुस्वार , अनुनासिक , अर्द्धचन्द्राकार व् नुक्ता युक्त २०-२० शब्द छाँटकर लिखए |

ख. ३० शब्द छाँटकर उनका वर्ण वीचेछेड कीजिए |

२. पिछले बीस वर्षो में हुई पांच व्यग्यनिक खोजो एवं व्यानिक उपकरणों की सूचि बनाइये एवं मानव जीवन पर पड़ने वाले उनके प्रभाव को एक अनुच्छेद में लिखिए |

३. कोई एक कविता या कहानी लिखए जिसमे आपके सपनो का वर्णन हो , जो आप जीवन में करना चाहते हो|

४.  विज्ञापन बनाएँ;-

क. अपनी रेडीमेड  कपड़ो की दूकान ‘ वस्त्रम ‘ के लिए एक आकर्षक विज्ञापन बनाएं |

ख . ‘ अंग्रजी पड़े और सफलता पाए सांध्यकालीन कक्षाएँ सोना मॉडर्न पब्लिक स्कूल , खानपुर की और से एक विज्ञापन बनाएं |

५. आपके विद्यालय में सफाई अभियान चलाया गया जिसमे आपणे भी श्रमदान किया |आसपास   के क्षेत्रों की खूब सफाई की गई ओर लोगों को सफाई के मत्व के बारे में बताया गया | इन सभी गतिविधियों का वर्णन करते हुए अपने पिताजी को पत्र लिखए |

६. स्टीव जॉन तथा बिल गेट्स जैसे आमिर लोगो ने भी अपने बच्चो को तकनिकी उपकरणों (गेजेट्स )से दूर रहने के लिए कुछ नियम बना रखे है | आपके माता – पिता को भी कौन से नियम बनाने चाहिए ताकि आप भी इन तकनीकी उपकरणों के आते प्रयोग से बचे सके |


  1. Mathematics lab Manual: Do maths lab  Activity 4,5&9 lab kit.
  2. Do 20 Questions from each Ch.: 1,2, 3 &15 of Extra Questions from Prachi.
  3. Activity
    1. Individual activity: Proofs the Pythagoras theorem and use the Pythagoras theorem in real life
    1. Make a project on child labor and measurers you take to eradicated
    1.  Learn and write tables 2-20.
  4. Simplify the following,
    1. (-13) +27+(-14)                                          X.         (-26) +(-49) +(-83)
    1. 53+(-37)                                                    XI.        [-13-(-27)] + [-25-(-10)
    1. (-4) X (-5) X (-8) X(-10)                              XII.       (-26) X72X (-26) X28
    1. (-30) X (-20) X(-5)                                      XIII.      56+53-62+25
    1. 16X(-8)+(-4)-[53X(-36)+27]                       XIV.      73X56+58-45
    1. 12-89+56X20/4                                         XV.       (-11)X(-15)+(-11)X(-15)
    1. 12/36+95-25                                             XVI.      568+856X235-452
    1. 78-59X45+20-63                                        XVII.     45X89+65-67
    1. 55+60X85-65/95                                       XVIII.    258-458/48+958
    1. 365+965-852/458
  • Simplify
  1. 35/28+56/46-56/68                                  VII.       23/21X56/41X82/36
  2. 45/15X56/18X45/56                                  VIII.      356/69X365/496+234/56
  3. 45/8+95/32-87/56                        IX.        203/45+568/256-787/865
  4. 806/454-598/523-485/235                       X.         256/56X325/85+89/58+89/58-245/865
  5. 560+85/52-89/53X78/58                          XI.        785/85-894/65-850/756+98/52
  6. 458/65X35/28-45/56                                XII.       78/24+58/56-85/14
    1. Add
  7. 8ab,-5ab,3ab,and -ab
  8. 3a-4b+4c,2a+3b-8c,and a-6b+c
  9. 6ax-2by+3cz,6by-11ax-cz,and 10cz-2ax-3by
  10. 6p+4q-r+3,2r-5p-6,11q-7p+2r-1,and 2q-3r+4
  11. 4x2-7xy+4y2-3,5+6y2-8xy+x2,and 6-2xy+2x2-5y2
  12. 5m2+2n2+6mn,7mn–6mn
  13. 6pq+13qr-5rs,8pq-12qr-23rs and 7pq+8qr+9rs
  14. -5a-4b2,3a2-2ab+5b2 and 2ab-3a2+3b2

7). Subtract:

  1. -8pq from 6pq, 2a-5b+2c-9 from 2a-4b-c+6
  2. X3+3x2-5x+4 from 3×3-2x2+2x-4,4p22+5q2-6r2+7 from 3p2-4q2-5r2-6
  3. -6p+q+3r+8 fromp-2q-5r-8,2ab+8bc-6ca from 6ab-bc-6ca
  4. 2×2+5y2-3xy from -9×2-6y2-12xy,5mn-3ab+2p from 2mn+6ab+6p
  5. 6×3+2xy2-3x2y-y3 from -6×3-8xy2-x2y+6y3
  6. 8abc-7a2bc+3ab2c from 6abc+9a2bc+abc2

8). Multiply:

  1. (7x+2y)X(x+4y), (3m-4n)X(2m-3n)
  2. (3×2+5x-9) X (3x-5),(x3-5×2+3x+1) X (x2-3)
  3. (2×2+3x-7) X (3×2-5x+4) , (5a+8b-3c) X (-2a+b-6c)
  4. (8xy+6) X (-3x+5xy-8y) ,(-6a2-3b2) X (8ab+2a2-3b2)
  5. (2mn+3) X (13m2-10n2+15), (2x+3y-z) X (-5x+3y+6z)

9). Divide.

  • 5m3-30m2+45m by 5m, 12X4+8X3-6X2 by -2X2
    • (5X3-12X2+12x + 13) by (x2-3x+4), (14X2-53x+45) by (7x-9)
      • (2×3-5×2+8x-5) by (2×2-3x+5), (6×3+2xy2-y3) by (3x+y)
      • (-2×4+6×3+5×2+8x-14) by (2x+3), (7x2y+3xy2-4xy+18) by (xy+2)
      • (2×4+3×3-2×2+5x-6) by (3x-2), (3×3-8×2+4x) by (x-1)


  • We are in digital age. The advancement of technology have resulted in better for masses.

Create  10 modern technology gadgets available in the market. 

 Mention the following about each gadget :

*Company name of gadget

*Logo of company

*Technology behind gadget

*Feature of the gadget

*CEO of the company

*Company head quarters

  • Make a power point presentation of different cell organelles with their functions. Submit both hard and soft copies . The presentation has to be made in groups.

Group 1   Roll no.  1 to 10

Group 2   Roll no. 10 to 20

Group 3   Roll no. 20 to 30

Group 4   Roll no.  30 to 40

  • paste 10 news related to science. Mention the date of news and name of the newspaper.
  • Paste 10 pictures of different types of matter . Classify them as solid , liquid and gas. Write each characteristics features of each to justify their state.
  • Paste 10 pictures of different types of homogeneous mixtures heterogeneous mixtures. Classify them as suspension, solution and colloid.
  • Write about the experiments related to  the following  chapters in your practical files.             

Biology : the fundamental unit of life

Physics : Motion



Each student should prepare a project on

“ DISASTER  RISK  MANAGEMENT- Understanding Disaster Mitigation ”


  • The class will be divided into group of SIX ( A, B, C, D, E, F ).
  • Each group will be assigned a specific state with a Natural Disaster.
A         (01 – 06) RAJASTHAN DROUGHT
B         (07 – 12) ORISSA CYCLONE
D        (19 – 24) JAMMU & KASHMIR FLOODS
E         (25 – 30) GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE
  • PROJECT should be HANDWRITTEN only and should be made with the help of Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet.

NOTE:    The project should be minimum of 15 pages (content) with the following heads:-

  • COVER PAGE: Showing project title, Student Information, School and Year.
  • List of Contents i.e INDEX
  • Acknowledgement & Preface: Here acknowledging the institutions, websites, offices and libraries visited & persons who have helped
  • INTRODUCTION which includes Geographical location of state through a MAP.
  • A brief introduction to the state i.e, HISTORY, Cultural Heritage & Demography of the state along with Pictures.
  • Causes of Disaster – Minimum FOUR causes.
  • Mitigation Strategies- – ANY THREE
  • Critical Analysis of the role of NGO’s / Govt. In handling that disaster.



  • Differentiate “DEMOCRACY  v/s  DICTATORSHIP
  • Do case study of FOUR different countries with suitable examples.


  • Make a list of various Rural Banks in India. Explain NABARD in detail.
  • Also collect pictures from Newspaper,Magazines,and Internet of the same.


  • On the political map of EUROPE, show all the neighbouring countries of FRANCE along with their capitals.
  • Collect information or pictures on any one event on FRENCH REVOLUTION.


Ques:-1 Using internet write about any 5 operating system (in 100 words each) and   

                paste the picture of each operating system . (Do in a scrap book)

Ques:-2 Using Internet Write and paste the pictures of the following terms:- (Do in a scrap


  • Braille embosser
  • Plotter
  • Hard disk
  • Refreshable Braille
  • Memory stick

Ques:-3 Search in internet, Write and paste the picture of all types of read only memory.(Do

in a scrap book)

Ques:-4 With the help of internet write any 5 types of antivirus software. (Do in a scrap


Ques:-5 Search and Write about impact printers. Explain each type of impact printers and 

paste  the  picture of each. (Do in a scrap book)


Q1) Make a beautiful jewellery with the help quelling work

Q2) Make something Creative with Waste Material

Q3) Make a beautiful  Card with the help quelling work

Q4) Make something Creative with empty cold drink Bottle

Q5) draw anyone beautiful Painting Folk Art or Modern Art

Physical Education

Make physical project on File :

  1. Yoga
  2. Outdoor game anyone(With Picture)
  3. Indoor game anyone (With Picture)