Fun “n” Summer


As the school closes for a long summer break from 18.05.2019 TO 30.06.2019 which is the most enviable part of school life. It provides time for rest and leisure. Every child enjoys the holidays in laze around, eat, play visits and to revive the things. But duties must not be forgotten. So balance should be maintained between recreation and work. We have planned some activities and work to enhance his/her learning skill in a fun filled way. We have tried to make the work enjoyable. Help your child to do the work. All the holidays homework should be done as per instruction

  • All the given works will be done in the scrap book.
  • The practice work will be done in the separate copy.
  • Every work should be decorative.
  • At the end write the activity which you like most and why.
  • Students must ensure that the work should be done efficiently as the work will be marked and marks will be added in the result.
  • All children have to learn the work done in the class before holidays.
  • The school will reopen on 01.07.2019


Dear Parents,

Society is changing. Some changes are for the progress of the society as well as for the country.  But some changes are taking the young generation towards the downfall, To save our civilization and culture there is a need to inculcate and enhance the moral values in youngsters. So you are requested to help our youngsters that should begin from the home. If you see any wrong value you should immediately point out. Teach them:

  •  Use of word “Aap” to all, Use of the word “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, Thank you”, “Parden”.
  •  Not to interfere into the elder’s conversation.
  •  Do not use abusive languages.
  •  Respect elders and be polite to others.
  •  Wish everyone daily.
  •  Learn to quit their anger.
  •  To distinguish between bad and good vision and touch of others.
  •  Teach them to share their incidents of daily life with parents and the person whom they can trust. (Your family members, teachers).
  •  Always help the needy.


समाज में दिन प्रतिदिन बदलाव हो रहे हैं । जहाँ कुछ बदलाव समाज तथा देश की उन्‍नति में सहायक हैं वहीं कुछ बदलाव भावी पीढ़ी को पतन की ओर ले जा रहे हैं । अपनी सभ्‍यता तथा संस्‍कृ‍ति को अक्षुण्‍ण रखने के लिए भावी पीढ़ी को नैतिक मूल्यों से अवगत कराने की आवश्‍यकता है । अत: आप सभी से अनुरोध है कि अपने दैनिक जीवन में बच्चों को कुछ बातें सिखाते रहें तथा अवहेलना करने पर टोकते रहें । जैसे –

  •  सभी बड़ों तथा छोटों को “आप” शब्‍द से संबोधित करें ।
  •  बड़ों के बीच में न बोलें ।
  • अपशब्दों (गालियों) का प्रयोग न करें ।
  • बड़ों का सम्‍मान करें ।
  • सभी बड़ों का अभिवादन करें ।
  • क्रोध न करें ।
  • बुरी तथा अच्‍छी नजरों तथा स्पर्श को समझें ।
  • अपने साथ हुई किसी भी समस्या की जानकारी परिवार के किसी न किसी सदस्य को अवश्‍य दें ।
  • गलती करने पर क्षमा याचना करें ।
  • असहाय व्‍यक्ति की मदद करें ।


Your holiday homework this year is a mix of all the aspects of the language. Present your work beautifully. The child will be assessed for the handwriting, presentation, neatness, and completion of all the given questions and indexing of the work. 

  1. Select any one: a) controlling temper, b) Hard work, c) Handling peer pressure, d) Health is wealth

A. Prepare a story book (select any one topic)

      B. Make a beautiful cover page including pictures, title, writer’s name and price.

      Write a short story including pictures. Conclude the story in your own words.

  • Make a pocket dictionary using interesting English words with their meanings(30 Words)
  • Make a list of Indian and English writers. Select any one writer and write his/her biography and also showcase his/her work and achievements.
  • Do activity 8 to 17, Reading Project Ch-1 to Ch-5 (Holiday Package)          (Bravia)
  • Do worksheet 7 to 10 from reading and worksheet 38 from writing  and worksheet 63 to 65 from integrated grammar. (Bravia)
  • Write a paragraph on “your favorite sport”.
  • Paste pictures of yours favorite sports person and write which field they are famous.


1. Make a collage of different animals and categorize them on the basis of their feeding habits     

     ie Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores

2.  Make colorful tables mats by weaving pattern with different  a4 color sheet size-“10*7”.

3.  Paste the different types of natural and synthetic fibers and write the difference between

       natural and synthetic fibers.

4. Make a brochure of various dishes of different states of India, paste the pictures and also   

       write the ingredients of that food items. 

5. Write experiment no.1-10 in lab manual .

6. Sprout some seeds of moong  and bring it to school as a sample, write the method of sprouting .

  Games and sports

Make a chart or a project of games and sport between games and sports favorite game favorite sport


1. Collect the pictures of dance and food of various states of our country and paste them .

2. Visit a Bank or a Post office in an urban area. Watch the different counters and nature of work of employees. Write all about it.

3. Prepare a flow chart of all the events and changes in the life of early man from Palaeolithic age to Neolithic age.

4. Draw the flowchart  of different  sources of Indian history.

5. On an outline map of India, locate and name any eight mahajanapadas. Mention two republic as well.

6. Make a neatly labelled diagram showing the conventional symbols, cardinal and intermediate


7.Compile your finding about the Neolithic age people in the table given below:-

  • Where did they live:
  • What do they ate:
  • Tools used by them:
  • Important  invention and discoveries:
  • Religion practices:
  • What are the steps needed for the conservation and protection of wildlife.
  • Write role of government in the field of sport.


  1. पाँच प्रकार के पक्षियों के बारे में जानकारी एकत्र करके   लिखे |(चित्र सहित ) 
  2. दो निर्जीव वस्तुओं के बीच संवाद – लेखक करे |
  3. लेखिका की तरह आप अपने घर में कौन – कौन से काम करना पसंद करेंगे, एक सूचि बनाइए |
  4. रामायण के आधार पर महर्षि वाल्मीकि राजा दशरथ श्री राम तथा सीता के बारे में लिखे तथा चित्र भी लगाए |
  5. अनुस्वार लगाकर पाँच शब्द लिखों |
  6. अनुनासिक के पाँच शब्द लिखो |
  7. किन्ही दस भाषों के नाम व् उनकी लिपियों के नाम लिखे |
  8. संयुक्त व्यंजन से बनने वाले पाँच शब्द लिखों |
  9. अपनी पसंद का एक खेल चुने , उसके विषय में जानकारी प्राप्त कर लिखो तथा बताये की इस खेल का   अच्छा खिलाड़ी बनने के लिए आप क्या करोगे |



  1. संस्कृत में १ से २० तक संख़्यावाची शब्द लिखने व याद करके आने है |
  2. पांच पंछियो के नाम लिखकर चित्र बनाइये |
  3. पांच अंगो के चित्र बनाकर उनके संस्कृत में नाम लिखिए |
  4. स्वर व व्यंजनो को लिखिए |
  5. ‘ मम विद्यालय ‘ विषय पर संस्कृत में पांच पंक्तिया लिखो |


Q.1 Search the information about programming languages on the internet and make a chart on it .

Q.2 Make a PowerPoint presentation on features of latest high level languages and write steps of presentation .

Q.3 Search and write the information about adobe flash CS6 software

Q.4 Search about the different types of animation software and write about them.

ANS: 4

Q.5 Collect the information about various gold medallist in Olympics from India in various  sports and games and paste their information with picture .

Q.6 Write the steps to start adobe Flash CS6 software.


  1.  List out the names of Indian National Awards with pictures
  2. List all the presidents of India with their photographs and the time period.
  3. List all the prime minister of India with their photographs and the time period.
  4. List out the names of currencies used in the different countries.
  5. Make any one handicraft using waste materials.
  6. Draw a kabaddi court with correct measurements and dimensions and write the rules and regulations.
  7. Paste photographs of your favorite sports person (any five) and write few lines about them.


Q1. Make a poster on – Save Girl child , Save Environment.

Q2. Draw and colour two sheets in your art file

  1. Landscape             b. Still life  c. Fruit composition


1.Write a biography of anyone sport personality at International level.

2. Write 12 steps of Surya namaskar with their picture  in scrap book.

3.Describe anyone outdoor game with picture and its fundamental skills.


  • Q1  Student as you know that games and sports are very important in everyone life because games are very good exercise for us.

Collect the following information about IPL 2019

(a) How many teams were playing in IPL 2019 .Name them

(b)Write the names of the captain of each team. 

(c)Which team had scored maximum runs ?

(d)Which team had scored minimum runs?

(e)Find the difference between maximum and minimum runs?

 (f) draw a bar graph of IPL2019.

Q2 There is number of mangoes and number of apples are in different basket .Find the difference between the maximum and minimum number of mangoes and divide it by the number of apples and compare each of  the given quantities with the number obtained

Q3 Collect information from the 5 houses of your locality:

1 Total number of family members

2 Number of male members

3 number of female members

4 Total annual income of each house

5  Sum of annual income of 5 houses

(Insert comma and then write in Indian system of numeration .)

Q6 learn 2 to 20 tables

Q7  Activity 1 Verifying the commutative law for addition

To verify that addition is commutative for whole number by paper cutting and pasting.( In Lab manual file )

Activity 3 Verifying  the commutative law for multiplication

to verify that multiplication is commutative for whole number by paper cutting and pasting . ( Do in Lab manual file )

Activity 17  Determination the number of lines of symmetry  by paper cutting and pasting . ( Do in Lab manual file )

To determine  the number of lines of symmetry by paper  folding

1 equilateral triangle

2 isosceles triangle

3 square

4 rectangle

5 rhombus