Holidays Home Work 2019-20

Class – XI


1.         Research on the Egyptians civilizations-with particular reference to Tut’s Mummy and its discovery. Stick pictures.

2.         Research on Khushwant Singh’s life and works.  Find out about the role of Khushwant Singh’s father in building Delhi.

3.         Research on sailing terminology and parts of a boat and gather information about Islw Amsterdam.

4.         Design a poster as an appeal for conserving water as most parts of India are facing serious problems and have been hit by drought.

5.         Read the “The Canterville Ghost” by Oscar Wild as prescribe by CBSE and highlight any on e of the characters that fascinates you the most.

6.         Cut out 5 clipping of Classified Ads under the heads-

  • For sale
  • To-let
  • Situation vacant
  • For matrimonial
  • Pets/kennels
  • NOTE :- The Holiday Homework should be done in Literature Class register.

7.         Read at least two works of fiction of your choice.  You may purchase the books from the following sites:

Alternatively visit book stores

a)         Midland

b)         Teksons Bookshop South Extension-I

c)         Om Book Shop Delhi NCR

d)         Galgotia Book Shop Connaught Place

e)         Bahrisons Khan Market

f)         Spell and Bound SDA Market

8.         Watch at least 3 English films.

You may look at the following list for ideas:

a)         Schindler’s List

b)         Gandhi

c)         Hotel Rwanda

d)         Erin Brockovich

e)         The Sound of Music

f)         West Side Story

g)         Inception

h)         Gravity

i)          Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal Skull

j)          Hugo

k)         Hook

l)          Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

m)        Life of Pi

n)         Labyrinth

o)         Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island

p)         Interstellar


Horn Bill

1)         Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh

2)         Poem – Photograph


1)         The Summer of a beautiful white horse


Q 1      Convert the following decimal numbers into binary

  • 45        (ii)        68        (iii)       175      (iv)       365      (v)        250

(vi)       221.5   (vii)      321.25 (viii)     49.5     (ix)       120.75 (x)        97.5

Q 2.     Write 10 characteristics of Python programming language.

Q 3.     Write 5 advantages of Python programming language over C++ programming language.

Q 4.     Explain the following terms:

  • Open source software (ii)        Free software  (iii)       Source code   

(iv)       Object code                 (v)        Interpreter       (vi)       Compiler


Python Programming Fundamentals


1.         Prepare a project on any one sport: (In practical file only)

            History, about the game, skills, winners of particular game with photographs

            Badminton, Volley Ball, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis

2.         Labeled diagram of 400 mtr Track and Field with computation.

3.         Computation of BMI from family or neighbourhood and graphical repreaentation of the data.

4.         Labeled diagram of field and equipment of any one game of your choice out of the above list.

5.         Explanation and list of current National Awardees (Dhronacharya Award, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

6.         Pictorial presentation of any five Asanas for improving concentration


Learn Lesson-1 and Lesson-2

            Lesson-1 Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education

            Lesson-2 Olympic Movement


Case Study:

Britain and Iraq

1.         Britain: Read the novel “Oliver Twist

Write a summary of working conditions in the period of Industrial revolution especially in the context of young children.

2.         Iraq: Read the novels/writings on contemporary Iraq (Post 1980)

Write a summary of the political changes and its impact on the people of Iraq during the civil war and attack on Saddam Hussain’s regime


History : Chapter – 1


L-1 Constitution :      Why and how, philosophy of the constitution as a living document.

Read this lesson and frame questions/Answer.

Write in Note book.

PROJECT     The influence of Political Advertising message on the electorates choice of candidates ( Case study of India – General Election-2019)


Book : Indian Constitution at Work

L-1 : Constitution: Why and How

Book: Political Theory

L-1 : Political Theory: An Introduction


परियोजना कार्य :

१. भक्त कालीन कवि

२. भारत में किसानों की बदहाल स्थिति

बढ़ते तकनिकी उपकरणों (gadgets) का प्रयोग घटते आपसी सम्बन्ध विषय पर फीचर लिखिए |

” चुनावी महासंग्राम तथा नेताओ की असीमित भाषा विषय पर आलेख लिखिए |

किसी वृद्धाश्रम का दौरा करे तथा वहां मिले किन्ही पाँच व्यक्तियों के जेवण की समीक्षा करते हुए उनके वहां आने का कारण जाने तथा बताये कि एक जिम्मेदार नागरिक होने   के नाते आपका क्या दायित्व है |


आरोह –

काव्य खंड – पाठ -१ कबीर के पद

                   पथ -२ मीरा के पद

गप- खंड – पथ-१ नमक का दरोगा

वितान – पथ -१ भारतीय गायिकाओं में बेजोड़ : लता मंगेशकर

कार्यालयी  हिंदी और रचनात्मक लेखन

अनुच्छेद लेखन , पत्र  लेखन , जनसंचार आधारित प्रश्न, फीचर लेखन , आलेख लेखन

अपठित गधांश व् अपठित पधांश